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Streaming Sunday – Dear Edward

Streaming Sunday features TV series or movies adapted from books I’ve read, offered on at least one streaming service and I’ve watched.

Dear Edward
  is a series adaptation of the book of the same name by Ann Napolitano. It’s the story of 12-year old Eddie Adler,  the sole survivor of a plane crash where 191 souls perished. He was severely injured and traumatized after losing his entire family, not the same boy who boarded that flight with his parents and brother, choosing now to be called Edward while living with his aunt and uncle. The lives of other passengers who were on the plane are also explored through those left behind. It was produced by Apple Studios for Apple TV+ as an 10-episode series but clearly there are aspirations for a second season. All 10 episodes are now available for streaming.

The book was released in 2020 but I didn’t read it until late last year. I found the writing lovely and the characters nuanced, especially Edward, and was curious how that would come across on film.

The casting was key and I was excited that Connie Britton had a leading role. Young Colin O’Brien had the difficult task of portraying the complex and troubled Edward and he was effective at conveying all of that. Britton portrayed a character not included in the book but served as a key anchor for the families of the victims on that plane.

I finished Season 1 of  the series on Apple TV+ and enjoyed it. The writers took major liberties in straying from the book, primarily featuring new characters and eliminating others. After the first episode, I decided to let all that go and just experience the story on screen but paying close attention to the things going on with Edward. I actually liked how the lives of the families left behind were explored, adding more meat to that aspect of the book. The inclusion of the grief group was pure genius as it served as a tool to learn their connections to those who died in the crash and their lives before that fateful flight.

One of the most endearing aspects of the book is the relationship between Edward and his aunt’s next door neighbor’s daughter Shay. Their relationship was significantly different in the series, which bothered me a bit even though it was probably more realistic. It got back on track but was the only thing about the adaptation I found curious. That relationship was magical in the book.

The end of the last episode was certainly not the end of the story, a promise of a second season clearly insinuated. However, if the series isn’t renewed, the ending lands in a good place for you to imagine what happens with Edward. I personally need another season. Bottom line, I enjoyed the series and how it included so many additional characters than the book. If I have a complaint, it’s solely about Edward & Shay’s relationship lacking the magic found in the book. But, those who loved the book and those who haven’t read it will certainly find the series compelling and entertaining as the character development is extraordinary.

16 thoughts on “Streaming Sunday – Dear Edward”

    1. Thanks, Nicki💜 I’m watching Daisy Jones & The Six now but took a pause at episode six for the same reason. I’ll finish but right now I’m having big issues with the character. She was completely sympathetic in the book but not so much in the series. Otherwise, it’s well done.

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  1. I have not read the book, but I am going to find it now. I don’t have Apple TV, but will see if I can find a friend who does. I’m glad the changes worked for the most part, Jo.


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