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Love Betrayal Murder by Adam Mitzner @adammitzner #BrianHutchinson @BronsonAP #ElizabethEvans @BlackstoneAudio @librofm

the setup…
Matthew (Matt) Brooks and Vanessa Lyons are associates at one of the most prestigious law firms in New York City and are secretly having an affair (she’s married). He makes partner and later she’s put on partner track for the next year. Still okay, that is until she’s placed on one of his long term cases and that makes their affair a firm policy violation. To make matters worse, someone contacts the head partner and reveals their affair. Though they deny it, Vanessa is later passed over for partner and can only assume the affair is the reason since she’d been assured by those who would know that she was a lock. Now she and the firm are battling it out in the courtroom.

the heart of the story…
At the center are Matt and Vanessa and the forces that separate them, though the story is told mostly from their points of view. Until their affair was outed, both were happy with their career tracks and each other. She was in a marriage that wasn’t working and once I got to know Bradley, it was clear why. Most suspected it was Bradley that made the anonymous call to the firm, even though that blew up Vanessa’s chances for the major income bump they sorely needed. The sequence of events that landed them in court was tragic and heartbreaking, even more so because these two cared for each other. But it was the courtroom drama that I found mesmerizing, laced with truths, half truths and outright lies. It was difficult to imagine if anyone would win.

the narration…
Multiple narrators were used in this story, which I found essential during the trials as they made it even more riveting. They were all great storytellers, voiced their characters distinctively and delivered wonderful performances.

the bottom line…
I love legal thrillers, especially on audio, and this one more than met my expectations. The courtroom aspects were the most interesting, even though the moments outside of that venue were equally engaging because they laid the foundation for everything. Matt is fairly transparent, Vanessa not so much and that gave this story complexity. There’s quite the twist that I won’t go into but it spins things into a whole new direction. The truth isn’t revealed until the very end and it was nowhere near what I’d expected! The trial outcome was anyone’s guess, just the way a good legal drama should be. Highly recommend and definitely the audio version.

Book Info

  • Release Date: May 16, 2023
  • Narrators: Brian Hutchison, Bronson Pinchot & Elizabeth Evans
  • Audio Length: 7 hours, 56 minutes
  • Publisher: Blackstone Publishing



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(Thanks to and the publisher for my complimentary copy. All opinions are my own.)

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