Audiobook, Contemporary Romance

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover ★★★★

When Tate Collins shows up to move into her brother’s high rise apartment, she has an unusual encounter with his best friend and fellow airline pilot, Miles Archer. Even after an awkward start, these two couldn’t ignore their strong attraction. As they proceed with their secret relationship, both agree that it would only be sort of a “friends with benefits” arrangement as Miles cannot handle anything more. Yeah, well…..

The story is told from both Tate’s and Miles’ points of view, his beginning six years earlier and continuing until nearly the end of the story when his painful past is revealed. In the meantime, Tate provides an honest perspective of the present for both of them. I really liked her as she was so self aware, even when she lied to Miles about her true feelings, never deluding herself about the pain she’d probably face by continuing their relationship. Always in the background for the reader is the disclosure of what happened to Miles six years ago. I loved how long it took to unravel because it made the ending feel real and authentic. It was raw and ravaging, so much so that I felt gut punched.

I’m a fairly new fan of the author after so many of my friends kept recommending her stories, this one in particular. It’s engaging in a very subtle way, hooking me from the onset and never letting go. I listened to it in about a day and a half. Loved both Grace Grant & Deacon Lee’s performance and Elizabeth Louise’s cameo as they combined to make a really good story even better.


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