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Let’s talk genres!



I define my reading as eclectic for a reason. Most genres have appeal and each month my reading plans have at least three or four in the mix, not including sub genres. However, there are some that I give a pretty wide berth







I don’t know when it happened…maybe several years after college…but almost overnight, I found I couldn’t watch horror movies nor read the genre anymore. I used to absolutely love Dean Koontz (Watchers scared me spitless) and loved having Stephen King movies make me scream. Now? I can’t even read the book blurbs or watch the film previews  Fan Fiction






Fan Fiction



Beyond the 50 Shades phenomena, I don’t get it. I know, I know. There’s a whole new world of writing out there that thousands are engaged in but I’m just not interested in a new iteration of my favorite characters. Please, tell me. What am I missing? I’m willing to listen.





There was no child with a bigger imagination than mine when I was growing up, spurred on by the magic of books, especially make believe. I loved all the mythical creatures and kingdoms that easily transported me to fantastical worlds. I’m not sure exactly when my adult  brain shifted to attempt to juxtapose superb books in this genre with reality but it happened. I now struggle with this genre and am perplexed by the change. Don’t get me wrong, there are several series on my shelf that I’m in love with and in awe of (Kate Daniels, Night Huntress, Mercy Thompson, etc.), but I’m struggling through Throne of Glass when I should be engrossed in the world building and intrigue. I find listening to the stories really helps as my brain doesn’t try to override the story as much. But, I know I’m missing out on some wonderful writing.



Cozy Mysteries


I love the mystery genre, the grittier and more suspenseful, the better (think Karen Rose and Val McDermid). I especially love police procedurals a la Eve Dallas & Harry Bosch. But cozy mysteries? I can’t connect and I need more drama, chaos, mayhem. It’s not the small town settings because they’re one of my favorites in the romance genre. I just struggle with the lack of complexity in the mystery. I like puzzlers, real thorny ones, and cozies tend to have fairly mild crimes. I know they’re very popular but they have zero appeal for me.





Graphic Novels




Now this I’m embarrassed about because I adored comic books well into my early adulthood. Since this genre has evolved to a whole new level and art form, I have virtually no interest but I do have a curiosity. If there are fans out there, PLEASE share what attracts you to this genre. I need a reason to explore it more.







That’s not too bad, right? In the genre universe, this is a fairly short list


What genres/sub genres do you find challenging?

Are there any you absolutely refuse to read?

Have you ever tried reading those you avoid?

16 thoughts on “Something to Talk About”

  1. Excellent post Jonetta! I also don’t read horror or graphic novels. I used to read all mysteries and only mysteries but I too have dropped most cozies. BUT think of Agatha Christie’s MIss Marple that is the type of cozy I love; it has the complexity needed. I used to read a huge amount of fanfiction in the Sookie Stackhouse or Sons of Anarchy worlds. I think it only works when you don’t like the way the original story is going and need other options. Of course, it was encouraged because True Blood was another form of Sookie Stackhouse fan fiction, taking a whole different story than the books. Oddly, I used to not read fantasy at all and now it’s a mainstay for me. I do find it easier to start a series in audio since the books are often long and the world-building can be overwhelming. Audio seems to help. I don’t read as much contemporary romance, like billionaires, because it seems ridiculous, or historical romance. YA is often not for me. Anne – Books of My Heart

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    1. Thanks, Anne!

      You’re right. I’ll read anything by Agatha Christie😍

      Thanks for your insights about Fanfiction. That’s very helpful as I couldn’t fathom why one would read it. Also glad to see I’m not alone I how to consume books in the fantasy genre. I think I burned out, though, because I consumed too much PNR.

      Yeah, I bailed off the billionaire train some time ago. I do still like historical romance, especially those set in America. I read very little YA but do like those with a dystopian setting.


  2. Do you have kids? I’ve heard that after having kids it gets way harder for some people to watch/read horror and crime stories.

    I’m with you on the cozy mysteries, I just can’t understand them…and that they’re SO popular! Im missing something there. But some of the titles are completely hilarious so at least there’s that!

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    1. No children but I do have a niece and nephew who are like my children. It was around the time they were born, however, when I lost my tolerance. Never made that association!

      Most of those cozies have very homey covers, a sweet feel to them. You can almost identify the genre from those titles. I just need more…grrrrr!


  3. Great post, Jonetta! I am pretty in an agreement with you here. Not a big fan of the ones you mentioned. I think it’s fairly short list. I did read and really like Bird Box though. It is kind of on the line there with creepy disturbing and terrifying disturbing. You could go either way .

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  4. Yeah that would be terrifying disturbing!

    Horror used to be in my younger days my favourite until I started having nightmares and my husband said look at what your reading. Hmm I wonder why!! lol

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  5. I love horror. I got to where I wasn’t reading much of it or even watching the movies (hubs isn’t a fan, so we usually pick something else to watch). I do love Fantasy, but usually more of Urban Fantasy or something similar. I can’t do the high fantasy like Tolkien, though hubs loves that stuff. I’ve read a few graphic novels, usually UF books that are retold in the format (Mercy Thompson, Anita Blake, etc). I agree that the mysteries in cozies are much lighter than the regular mysteries. I’ve only read a few, and I think it depends on the author. I need to really like the characters. I’ve never gotten the fan-fic either, but I’ve also never read any of it.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Books of My Heart

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    1. I admire your ability to hang in there with the horror genre! There was a time when I loved it before I drifted away. Thanks for making that distinction between UF and high fantasy because they’re different (even though some UF blends into high fantasy). You are so lucky your husband reads some of the things you do. The only books my husband has shared with me is the Harry Bosch series by Michael Connelly…for now!

      Thanks for sharing your perspective, Melanie!


  6. I love this post Jonetta. I also am an ecelctic reader. I am with you on Horror and Fan Fiction. As you know from my reviews, I do love cozy mysteries for all the reasons you don’t. I think as I have gotten older, I like reading them for the simplicity, they just make me enjoy the book and make me smile. I only started reading them within the last 3 or 4 years. I will read the odd Graphic Novel (most of them because I am reading children’s books) and have gotten to enjoy Fantasy more than I ever though I would. Having said that, I do not like vampire stories or shape shifters. I am also not a big fan of Sci Fi, but will read the odd one. I have found, like you, throughout my life, I have shifted genres many times.

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    1. Thanks, Carla! I was hoping you’d weigh in on the cozies. Maybe when I tire someday of my mayhem books I’ll appreciate them more.

      I avoided Sci Fi for the longest time and then last year I listened to The Martian and Dark Matter and shifted my attitude overnight. I just am more discriminating in my choices.

      A few years ago, I became engrossed in vampires and shifters, etc., a new world of reading for me. Now, not so much but am still hooked on a few series (Immortals After Dark, Black Dagger Brotherhood, Dark Hunter).

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