Contemporary Romance

The Sex Bucket List by Prescott Lane



Emerson Baker is a PR and Marketing exec for her family-owned private commuter airline and a divorced mother of three. She’s really not moved on emotionally since her divorce and her ex keeps sending her mixed signals. When she comes across the sex bucket list she and her two friends created on a buzzed girls night out some time ago, Emerson decides to take action just as the handsome Mateo Reyes sends her a clearer signal about his intentions.



I absolutely loved this story! Emerson is the 40-something woman you know, trying to make it all work and have her children not suffer because of divorce. You get her guilt, sacrifice and loneliness along with her need to still be seen as a woman. Her story is hilarious at times, heartbreaking in some moments and still incredibly sensual at others. That bucket list wasn’t so much about sexual exploration as it was Emerson’s dive into self awareness. It helped her clarify her own needs and how well they were or were not met during her marriage and after.

While this was an emotional trek, it was very definitely a sexy and erotic journey by Emerson as she pursues the younger Mateo. The issues addressed are very real and honestly portrayed. Ex-husband Ryan offers a strong challenge and Mateo provides a compelling (and oh so lovely) contrast. It’s not so much about choosing the best man as it was choosing the best man for Emerson.

The author’s signature skill at character development is strongly imprinted in this story. She’s an auto-read for me because I know I’ll get inside the characters and be conflicted by the issues as I did with Emerson. She’s far from perfect but so likable you’ll not want to let her go. I found it difficult to put this one down and loved everything, and I mean everything, about the book. Highly recommend.

Book Info

  • Release Date: March 7, 2017
  • Page Numbers: 232



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(I received a complimentary copy from the author in exchange for an unbiased review)

14 thoughts on “The Sex Bucket List by Prescott Lane”

  1. Excellent review Jonetta! I think the emotional journey would be interesting even for women who are married. Some women have a hard time thinking about themselves as they are so busy taking care of everyone else. I’ll have to get this one. Anne – Books of My Heart

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