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Goodbye, Sweet Girl by Kelly Sundberg

A story of domestic violence and survival 


Kelly Sundberg is a survivor of domestic violence. I’m starting here because it wasn’t always clear to the author that she was experiencing domestic abuse.





Her story begins near the end and then reaches back into the past to provide context for her state of mind and how she came to be and stay in a violent relationship. Sundberg’s early life is much more complex than the simplistic lifestyle she describes. So much goes unsaid and broils underneath the surface within her family, network of friends, co-workers and, later, her in-laws. She’s yet another highly educated woman who you would think could not only recognize domestic abuse for what it was but also not tolerate it. But you must listen carefully as to how she eased into her situation and the complicity of so many others who were deaf to the subtleties of abuse.

I much admire Sundberg for sharing her story and hope it was cathartic as she gains so little in return for being this open. She holds nothing back, including her frailties and vulnerabilities. While it was sometimes difficult to follow the timeline, I appreciated that she told the story as her life’s puzzle occurred to and came together for her. And, she (and the narrator) doesn’t over-dramatize the abusive moments, taking more care to share what she was thinking and feeling in those moments. Hers is an important and relevant story as I don’t believe she was ever a victim. She never gave up on herself. Andi Arndt narrated the story perfectly.

Book Info

  • Release Date: June 5, 2018
  • Narrator: Andi Arndt
  • Audio Length: 6 hours, 18 minutes




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(I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review)

17 thoughts on “Goodbye, Sweet Girl by Kelly Sundberg”

  1. Thank you for this! I loved how you said subtle abuse… as someone who was in a 20 year abusive marriage abuse can be very subtle, and I consider myself smart and I am educated, I’m so glad there’s so many more books like this!
    Last night I was on the phone with my oldest with tears, because I feel so guilty about not realizing what was going on , my ex did a lot of damage to all of us! But when you aren’t getting hit it’s hard to see it as abuse
    Well now that was a definite overshare!

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    1. Berit, thank you SO much for sharing your experience. You and Kelly are both brave women who regained yourselves. I witnessed the same with someone very close to me in my family, the LAST person I would have suspected to be abused. There is damage done to those left behind and I tell her she has nothing to feel guilty about…she wasn’t the abuser. Nor were you. He left that mark on your children, not you. Trust me, it gets better.

      You definitely didn’t overshare. Stories like yours and Kelly’s do so much to enlighten others in similar circumstances. You both are a gift and you’ll never know whose life you just enriched.


  2. Great review, Jonetta! This one has been on my EW shelve for quite some time. You have me interested to take a closer look at it! Sounds like a heartfelt story of hope. I love stories that give hope to the ugly of the world.

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