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Too Much and Never Enough by Mary L. Trump, Ph.D.

I’ve been reluctant to read books about Donald Trump because I didn’t think I’d learn anything beyond what I already know. But, I don’t know a lot about the Trump family, where he came from. I remember watching The Apprentice years ago, trying to figure out who this guy was because when I lived in… Continue reading Too Much and Never Enough by Mary L. Trump, Ph.D.

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In Pieces by Sally Field

I thought I knew Sally Field. To me, she was the Flying Nun, Sister Bertrille. All those other roles that followed...Norma Rae, Sybil, Mary Todd Lincoln...were departures or outliers from the perky and adorable actress I’ve known most of my life. So I believed. If Ms. Fields accomplished nothing else with her story, she’s forever… Continue reading In Pieces by Sally Field

Audiobook, Memoir, Non Fiction

Goodbye, Sweet Girl by Kelly Sundberg

A story of domestic violence and survival    Kelly Sundberg is a survivor of domestic violence. I’m starting here because it wasn’t always clear to the author that she was experiencing domestic abuse.         Her story begins near the end and then reaches back into the past to provide context for her… Continue reading Goodbye, Sweet Girl by Kelly Sundberg