Romantic Suspense

Before the Storm by Leslie Tentler


Samantha Marsh ran from her old life six years ago and completely reinvented herself. She’s a chef and owns a gourmet café in Rarity Cove, South Carolina. When hotel owner Mark St. Clair and his adorable daughter happen into her life, she resists what may be the relationship she’s always dreamed of, for their sakes. Fear of her past coming back to haunt them is the basis for that resistance but Mark’s persistence takes her under.



I really loved this story starting with the beautiful cover, which is a perfect representation of what’s inside. Samantha and Mark are delicately crafted characters, considering their tragic backgrounds. As much as I hate relationships where one of the partners is harboring a major secret, this was a bit different as it’s clear from the onset that Samantha is hiding something. It just makes Mark work harder to gain her trust and he behaves in ways true to his nature.

The suspense side of the story is truly ominous and is always in the background. It culminates in an exciting climax that had me riveted. To say more would be spoiler-ish.

There’s a strong sense of place created, the coastal area of South Carolina figuring prominently in the story. I’ve visited the area and appreciated how well it was represented. It is an important part of the plot.

While the premise of the book is not unique, the writing is so well done and the characters so finely developed it feels fresh. It made for a lovely reading experience and I’m glad this developed into a series!

Book Info

  • Release Date: October 20, 2015
  • Series: Rarity Cove #1
  • Page Numbers: 336


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(I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review)

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