Connections in Death by J. D. Robb

Connections in Death

Dr. Rochelle Pickering receives the offer of a lifetime when Roarke asks her to head the team of psychologists that will serve in his new youth shelter. When she returns from a celebratory dinner with her boyfriend, she finds her brother dead of an apparent overdose. Lyle was a recovering addict who was winning and nothing about the scene makes sense. Lieutenant Eve Dallas is requested to investigate and it doesn’t take long for her to determine this is no accident.

This case takes Eve and her team down some rough paths and areas of the city as Lyle was a former member of the Bangers, one of the city’s dangerous gangs. It was different seeing how investigative methods were altered to deal with these circumstances. It wasn’t tough to figure out the who and what but the why was more elusive. I always like the scenes in Interview and this story offers so many occasions where Eve and Peabody are in action inside Cop Central. There are lots of distasteful subjects to take down and it was absolute fun being part of the show. They certainly didn’t disappoint!

Even though the mystery wasn’t that taxing, I found the gang world in the year 2061 to be fascinating and equally horrifying. The crimes were beyond brutal and this was one time when justice couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of criminals. I also liked the subtle shifts in Eve and Roarke’s relationship, their comfort and ease with each other, their friends and coworkers, and just a smidgen of mellowing (and I mean minuscule) on her part. I really enjoyed the story as the distinctions between right & wrong, good versus evil couldn’t be clearer.

Book Info

  • Release Date: February 5, 2019
  • Series: In Death #48
  • Page Numbers: 384


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22 thoughts on “Connections in Death by J. D. Robb”

    1. This is one series that MUST be read in order since it’s the character development that makes it a standout. I never read ANY books with a romance element until Naked in Death and was impressed. I read one book after another for the next three months (there were about 35 at the time). To read them out of order will be entertaining for the mystery but you’ll miss all the nuances in the relationships.

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  1. JD Robb is a pen name, right? But all of this series is under Robb? This sounds good and I’m putting on the list for series to binge read. I think I might have started it years ago and put it aside for other things at the time. I have the attention span of a tsi tsi fly sometimes. Great review, as always, Jonetta.

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    1. Yes, J. D. Robb is the pseudonym used by Nora Roberts. Back in 1995, she didn’t think the mystery audience would accept her writing in the genre. I think it took three years for word to get out that she was the writer.

      I wouldn’t let the number of books scare you away as I hate being caught up. The journey here was just sooooo goood, Mackey!


    1. Thanks, Jennifer! Nora has incredible discipline as a writer. This series was a vision of hers and I must admit, if I’d known she was behind the pseudonym, I wouldn’t have read the first book (I wasn’t reading romance at the time). The futuristic elements make the stories more interesting but don’t take it to a sci-fi level. I’m so in love with this series😍

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