Little Ray of Sunshine


The fabulous Alexandra nominated me to play in a little bit of sunshine and as it’s dreary February I decided to come out and play! The challenge, though, is to make her laugh😬


1. What’s the farthest you’ve ever travelled on holiday?


That’s easy. I live in the US and traveled to Australia for my niece’s wedding. The trip over? Fabulous. The return trip? I still have nightmares. (Okay, so we took a side trip to Hawaii and that was our undoing on the way back to the lower 48.)



2. What mythical animal would you have as a pet, if they were real?

Purple Unicorn

A purple unicorn. Don’t ask me where that comes from but I’m obsessed with them. They’re the answer to all things unhappy.



3. If you could go to Mars, tomorrow, would you go?


The Martian


Oh, hell no. I’m content to watch The Martian on my wide screen TV from the comfort of my couch and see all I could ever want to see about that red planet. I’m sad about the loss of Opportunity, the Mars rover, but I’m unwilling to go up and help fix it.



4. You find Aladdin’s Lamp, and are granted one wish, what would it be?




Money. Lots of it. That will fund just about everything else I would want. Sorry, I should come up with a more lofty answer but….



5. You can take only one item with you on the lifeboat, as your cruise ships sinks in the Med, what would it be?

Big Bottle of Water

Okay, I know this is supposed to be something like my iPad or something valuable to my soul. But I’m gonna be practical here. It’s going to be a 64 ounce bottle of water. Since it’s the Mediterranean and not the Indian Ocean (they’d never find us), that should last long enough until rescue. I want to live to read another day!!



I don’t know if I’ve given Alexandra a chuckle but there you are. I’m supposed to nominate more people but will leave it up to those who read this to jump in and take this on! And, to continue Alexandra’s challenge, have some fun with it. Here are my five questions:

1. If you could choose a different life path and money wasn’t an issue, what lane would you choose?

2. Is there a book you disliked so much you’re still upset about the time you wasted reading it?

3. What is something you’d love doing every single day if you could?

4. You have a choice of going on an Everest climb or crossing the Mediterranean in a small craft with experienced guides. Which would you choose?

5. Is there any place in the world you’d never want to see?

35 thoughts on “Little Ray of Sunshine”

  1. Love this! And I’m with you on the money, seems like the best thing to wish for to me! And as far as your questions as far as Everest or small craft crossing the Mediterranean, I’m staying home!😉

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  2. Well, now, see, on the one hand you’re adventurous, in that you took a really long trip to Australia, but practical enough to realise Mars isn’t for everyone. And lots of money? lol I think if pull came to shove a lot of us would ask that too, it then funds so many of our dreams.

    Oh, I love the purple Unicorn, not just a rainbow one, but specifically purple. That’s the fun side of you coming to the fore, and then, back to the practical with the 64 oz of water, love it! 😉

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    1. I love to travel and am filled with wanderlust still, stemming from being a military brat. But! I’m all about comfort these days.

      I read a story about a shifter who discovered late her animal was a unicorn. In the story, it was white but in my brain…she was purple. I even gave my nephew a purple unicorn to tell his woes and he loves it.

      Alexandra, those questions were brilliant (and fun) as you’ve discovered my true nature. There’s a wild, imaginative and curious side that also manages to keep one foot on the ground💜

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      1. I did all my travelling in my younger days (not that I’m *that* old…yet!) So I hear you. I’m discovering Canada now, which is vast.

        As a child I loved the idea of unicorns, but after reading Anne McCaffrey books, was sold on the idea of a tiny fire breathing dragon. And it was golden, well, in my dreams!

        We use to do these exercises where by you formulated 5 questions, seemingly at random, to ask and see what responses you got, and thereby, had a good gauge on a person’s personality and traits. Sneaky, eh?

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  3. 1. Put me in the fast lane. I need/crave speed. 2. I remember throwing a couple across the room and promptly forgot them. 3. Writing, definitely writing. 4. Everest. Then I could quip about being at the top of the world. 5. Nothing comes to mind. Oh, and I am with you on the money part. How else am I going to fund my Everest expedition? 😉

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  4. So much fun to read, Jonetta! You did an amazing job! I would bring water, too. I went to work today without my lunch and 40 ounce water bottle. I was in training all day in a rural place with no time to leave to get something. I feel like I was out in the desert today, with no water, only it was in the 30s. And I managed to find some purified water to drink. 16 ounces for the whole day. Anyway, YES. Bring the water! 💦 ♥️

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