Romantic Suspense

Seized by Kaylea Cross


I’m reading this series with a Goodreads group. It’s a spinoff of the Titanium Security series we completed earlier. I will be posting reviews every month as we read each book.

Carmela Cruz has had it pretty bad for FBI Agent Sawyer Vance, her brother’s best friend and fellow Hostage Rescue Team member. It’s been a year and now that he’s permanently severed his last relationship, it’s their time. Unknown to her, Sawyer is crazy about Carmela but her whole family is precious to him and he doesn’t want to risk losing all of them, a real possibility since it happened before. But when he makes a first move, she believes it was calculated and steps away.

That’s the initial setup for the story but it eventually escalates to something much more chilling when the cruise ship Carmela and her mother are booked on for an Alaska excursion becomes the target of a terrorist cell. Carmela and Sawyer’s relationship blossoms in the midst of this threat and when it comes to fruition, I was riveted and horrified at the same time. The author didn’t hold back, presenting a horrible reality of this kind of attack, also offering us the point of view of the leader, which made my blood run cold. Everyone was at serious risk. Ethan (Carmela’s brother) and Sawyer’s angst had to be checked because they had to do their jobs despite knowing family was in the middle of the chaos.

This is my favorite in the series, hands down. By now, we know the author has exceptional skill in writing suspenseful and tension-filled action scenes. Here, she weaves a strong, mature romance throughout without taking shortcuts or providing easy solutions. I loved everything about this story and I mean everything…the characterizations, action, plotting, romance and overall story. I flew through this one.

Book Info

  • Release Date: November 28, 2015
  • Series: Hostage Rescue Team #7
  • Page Numbers: 244
  • Publisher: Self


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