Romantic Suspense

Admit One by Lisa Clark O’Neill

Admit One

Allison (Allie) Hawbaker hasn’t had the best year. Her former fiancé broke off their engagement close to their wedding date after getting what he needed from her family. Her brother went through a devastating divorce after losing a great deal of the family fortune. And Mason Armitage, the man she started falling for turned out to be someone other than he allowed her to think he was. Now he’s back in all his golden glory and despite her attempts to ignore him, Allie is finding him quite irresistible. As if that wasn’t troubling enough, she’s also feeling like someone is stalking her and it’s not Mason.

You can’t help but adore Allie. She’s almost too nice and she’s the biggest klutz who startles easily, maybe because she’s often daydreaming about her circumstances. Mason is actually a famous British theatrical actor, fresh from his latest successful role and he wants another chance with Allie. I loved their scenes together because both were always showing up as their authentic, vulnerable selves and that’s a great thing. The dialogue was just delicious, my favorite part of the story.

The suspense element wasn’t strong but that worked for me. It allowed the focus to be primarily on Mason & Allie and their clever repartee. It was a slow, mellow burn that was allowed to simmer before it flashed, so rare in romance these days. It was perfectly paced, though I could have lived with less inner musings. The secondary characters added even more flavor and I liked how Will’s story is set up here. I’m definitely reading that next. Though the mystery wasn’t especially challenging, it was in its rightful place behind the epic romance of Mason and Allie.

Book Info

  • Release Date: October 1, 2014
  • Series: Sweetwater #2
  • Page Numbers: 488
  • Publisher: Self


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7 thoughts on “Admit One by Lisa Clark O’Neill”

  1. No, no, no… you are NOT going to tempt me into another series. LOL! But this is a great review as always. I did just download “Some Choose Darkness,” thought. You are a bad influence on my TBR list!

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