Positivity Wave

The Positivity Wave #47

The Positivity Wave
Welcome to my Friday feature (just a little late this week)! Created by the wonderful Meggy @ Chocolate ‘n’ Waffles, it’s a remedy against feeling down by creating a list of all the good things happening in my life this week. I became so inspired by her weekly posts and later also that by Nickimags @ Secret Library Book Blog,  I felt it was time to begin sharing my own good feelings. It can be anything, from the smallest gesture from a stranger to a major event in your life that alters the direction of your day. Maybe something here will bring a smile to you in the moment.

I’m Grateful

I found my center again and know deep in my heart that I have lots to be grateful for in the midst of all the worldwide worry and concern.


Book Club
My book club met on Zoom for the first time (last time was by conference call) and it was great seeing my reading buddies again. It’s been three months since we met face to face and the discussion of Olive Kitteridge was rich. It was perfect for book club dissection. The time flew by!



CSI: Miami
My latest TV obsession? CSI: Miami. WETV started airing the series, beginning with the very first season. Back in the day, I used to watch this for a couple of seasons so I thought I’d check out a few episodes. Well, I’m hooked. It’s my happy time. 

Best Friends
We haven’t seen our best friends in months so we arranged a conference call this week (hubby won’t do Zoom…don’t ask). These are the people who we talk to about everything so it’s been hard not seeing them. Two hours later we finally let each other go. It was a high moment for all of us.


My sisters and I text each other daily. We have an ongoing conversation that dates back over a year! I’m not taking these two for granted and love how one of us starts the check in organically each day. Now, my nephew has taken to calling me almost daily. I love hearing from him and that he feels he can ask my advice. The conversations aren’t always easy as he’s pretty smart and thoughtful. He gets me to be my best self when talking with him. Family is just everything!


We got some great financial news yesterday! Our mortgage rate is being lowered and we’re getting a two-month pause. This is massive!

Bathroom Scales
I finally broke down and bought some scales to weigh since I can’t do it in person at my workshop. I haven’t owned any for over twenty years so now I can track my progress weekly. And, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I feel grownup now😏


I had a persistent and stubborn bathtub drainage problem and was all set to call in a plumber. But! Hubby did some product research and got me the right solution. All is back to normal with a little marriage teamwork.


Book Love
This month’s reading schedule is tough (I got greedy and overcommitted) but I’m loving everything! Watch this space for the happy reviews. And!!! I got Always the Last to Know by Kristan Higgins for audio review. Picture me doing the happy dance🥰


I continue to pause and reflect upon the people and things in my life that truly matter. For that, I’m grateful.

What are you grateful for in this moment?

25 thoughts on “The Positivity Wave #47”

  1. I love this post so much Jonetta. It’s so good to take a look back at the week and see those bright points ☺️☺️ Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend 💜💚❤️💛

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  2. What would we do without technology? It is great to catch up with people via zoom meetings and conference calls. 2 hours call with your best friends sounds perfect. Even if the world is slowly opening up, I guess it will be a while before our social lives get back to normal.

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    1. Stargazer, I’m one of these older folk who loves technology, appreciates its usefulness but am also cautious about its pitfalls. It should always be viewed as a tool, supporting your lifestyle, not dictating it. In my case, it’s been a lifeline💜 The world may be opening up but my husband advises otherwise so we’re continuing keep our distance, hunkering down. The pandemic is hardly dissipating, which breaks my heart.

      I hope you and yours are doing well!

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  3. So glad you had wonderful week, Jonetta, and I am so sorry I couldn’t join you all for book club. Such good news about your mortgage and of course talking to family and best friends is wonderful and uplifting.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. The weather looks perfect today!

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  4. I love that we can connect with family and friends online, and through texts too, and have kept some slim margin of sanity because of that lifeline. And I’m happy for you finding your centre again too, I know how that feels when you disconnect from yourself. Oh, and such good news about the mortgage too. We’re struggling with our apartment, but still making ends meet because my partner is still in full time work, even if it’s from home. I’m ever thankful for that.

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      1. Oh, especially my fav niece, but don’t tell the others. She is such a joy, and her kids are so darn sweet. And growing so fast. and yes, we’re the lucky ones. So much to be thankful for.

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  5. So much to be thankful for! Sisters are the best! I’m happy to hear you have a break from house payments! Finding ways to connect is so important! As the world opens up I’ve decided to stay home until I see how it’s Really going!

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  6. I know I am a bit late commenting on this post (I missed it again somehow), but it sounds like positive things are happening. I loved CSI Miami back when it was on. I am binge watching Schitt’s Creek right now. Happy Sunday Jonetta.

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