Positivity Wave

The Positivity Wave #61

The Positivity Wave
Welcome to my Friday feature! Created by the wonderful Meggy @ Chocolate ‘n’ Waffles, it’s a remedy against feeling down by creating a list of all the good things happening in my life this week. I became so inspired by her weekly posts and later also that by Nickimags @ Secret Library Book Blog,  I felt it was time to begin sharing my own good feelings. It can be anything, from the smallest gesture from a stranger to a major event in your life that alters the direction of your day. Maybe something here will bring a smile to you in the moment.

I’m Grateful

I know deep in my heart that I have lots to be grateful for in the midst of all the worldwide worry and concern. If I keep my focus on gratitude, I’ll feel its constant presence.

Election United States
I am so grateful it is over! No more nasty ads on constant roll. I’m also thrilled at how many people participated in our voting process, setting records in lots of categories. My hope is for some peace and civil discourse going forward.

Book Club

My book club met by Zoom yesterday. It was so wonderful to be with this group of women. We began by sharing the weight of this pandemic, what it’s done to our spirits. Amazingly, afterwards we were laughing and sharing, filled with hope and ready to face the world again. And, oh yes. We had a lovely discussion about the book and author, Mary Higgins Clark. We selected her debut novel in tribute to this amazing writer who died in January.

The WW breakfast foods I’ve eaten every morning for two years were discontinued. So, armed with my app, I scanned the frozen breakfast section for alternatives with the same point value that would also be healthy and tasty. Well, I discovered these and couldn’t be happier! It’s a nice change, too. My breakfast routine is not one I want to disrupt so I’m very, very happy.

Grey’s Anatomy

A very different Grey’s Anatomy returned this week. I’d wondered what the impact of the pandemic looked like in terms of hospital protocol and is was daunting. I’ve valued our front line health professionals but this elevated it to a whole new level. I’m in awe of their sacrifices. Kudos to this show for taking it on.

Virgin River Season 2 has a release date…November 27!!! I’m over the moon about it. Yes, I plan to binge right through it. But first, I think I might rewatch the first season.

  • My cousin was voted onto his city’s planning commission!
  • My older sister is now in deep pre-retirement mode. It’s lovely to hear how happy she is.
  • My nephew left me the sweetest thank you message for his latest book box subscription.
  • One of my grocery stores that’s within a mile of my house has an extremely convenient pick up process. I used it yesterday and it was perfect. I’m hunkering down more these days.
  • A dear friend called me yesterday and lifted my spirits. She didn’t even know it.
  • My book club finalized our slate for 2021 and one of the books was free on Audible because of my membership level.

I continue to pause and reflect upon the people and things in my life that truly matter. For that, I’m grateful.

What are you grateful for in this moment?

26 thoughts on “The Positivity Wave #61”

  1. After I posted last week on the election, I lost a few followers which was to be expected, but you are the one that shocked me. After so many years of following each other, sharing giggles and well wishes we had a wonderful book bond. Because I don’t think politically like you do, it’s no longer possible for you to be my friend???? That is just sad and a shame. Well I now see why you don’t want to be friends anymore. It’s either your way of thinking or goodbye…..Thank you for all the support over the years Jonetta, I will miss you. Good luck to you and I hope you know that I was always in your corner, no matter what your political beliefs were.

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    1. Susan, I thought about this long and hard, sought opinions from my sisters. It wasn’t because we thought politically different. I’d always suspected that. It was your hurtful words. Please reread what you posted. You attacked those that thought differently from you and that meant me. I actually supported you in the past when you were attacked by someone else.

      I implore you to reread what you posted. It was hurtful…deeply. Even read what you wrote above. You’re attacking me, publicly, which I would never, ever do to you. Your comments sadden me like no other.


  2. Why is politics such a deal these days? I may think differently, but I would never give up a friend over it. (although that being said I lost three family members) It’s sad that we can’t seem to accept that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and feelings. Well hopefully you will be correct about the getting along, but I have my doubts. 😦 Too much hate under that bridge.

    Glad though you had a good week and that our books are set for the book club. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, dear friend.

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    1. Thank you, Marialyce💜 I used to do politics for a living, was an independent for most of my adult life and have never experienced anything like this. I just can’t bear the hateful discourse. I don’t give up friends, just limit their ability to make me feel bad. Unfollowing someone doesn’t make me dislike them. I just value my peace of mind😏 I still have hope that hearts will soften. It’s tough to hold onto hate as it will taint everything else in your life.

      You have a great weekend, too!


  3. I’m happy to hear you have your grocery pick up sorted out! I may never go grocery shopping again!

    I’m thrilled this political season is over! I think I muted or snoozed (a temporary measure) half of the people I follow because I just didn’t want to experience all the hate that was coming across my feed!

    I’ll have to try those frittatas! Lovely post Jonetta!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Carol💜

      I used Lowe’s. I don’t mind picking it up (deliveries are such a challenge in Greensboro) and they have a specific drive through lane for it. It’s so customer friendly, including the app to order. And, they had everything I wanted.

      Oh, you’ve got to try those frittatas. I was skeptical at first but so nicely surprised.

      Hear, hear about the political noise. Isn’t it startling how on Wednesday the silence was beautifully deafening?

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  4. I’m also delighted to hear of all your lovely happenings. I share some of these. I also tend to eat the same things for several years. I ate cottage cheese with fruit for 4-5 years. Now I’ve drifted back to oatmeal which was a previous breakfast regular. I do change it up with eggs or something a few times a month but mostly I eat the same breakfast things, and lunch things too. It’s dinner that gets more variety. We are trying to hunker down even more as things get worse and we weren’t going out before much, just doc appts and pharmacy or Walmart pickups.

    Anne – Books of My Heart

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  5. This is lovely as ever, Jonetta! Yayyyy for the election being over and finding some peace. Yay for finding new breakfast options! You have the most loving relationships with your sisters and nephew. I love that. I am happy you are finding the joy. And I am with you on not going out. We are hunkered down, too. The numbers are way too high here, and my dad is actually just getting over the virus. Happy new week, my dear friend. ❤️

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      1. Thank you, Jonetta! He has been in skilled nursing for some time, so I knew that it was a likely reality. It seemed like they just gave up on following any protocol with this last outbreak. So many staff members were sick. Anyway, we were very lucky. The first week seemed mild, but meanwhile, his lungs were developing Covid pneumonia. When his oxygen saturation began intermittently dropping, I pushed for him to go to the hospital, where he ended up staying for week, but on a regular Covid hall. Now, he has the lingering cough (though that was nowhere nearly as bad as it is for some), confusion/fog they call Covid fog, and extreme lethargy that is very unlike him. I have to call each day around meal time to make sure he is up for meals because he’ll sleep right through. He has been through something. His doctor at the hospital says the confusion is from micro clots causing mini strokes. He said, “Covid is brutal. It’s worth your time NOT to get it, no matter your age or conditions.” We already know this, but we are right to be careful. ❤️

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  6. What an amazing week Jo. Is your bookclub one that used to meet in person? I am so impressed with what Gray’s Anatomy is doing. I don’t watch it, but is is still wonderful that they are being so realistic. Woo Hoo for Virgin River! I am looking forward to it starting again, and did not know they had a date set. I agree with you about the election. The ads were awful and I am glad they are no longer on television, facebook and my twitter feed. I also pray for healing and peace. I know this is last week’s post, but I am catching up again. 😁

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    1. Thank you, Carla💜 Grey’s Anatomy brought such stark reality to the pandemic as it impacts our frontline workers. It was daunting and something everyone needs to see.

      I can’t wait for Virgin River! It’s what I’ll be watching Thanksgiving weekend😏

      I feel bad for the folks in Georgia who will be assaulted nonstop with ads into January. It’s so nice here now that it’s over. I don’t have to keep flipping the channels anymore🥰

      Have a wonderful week!

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