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Lost Girls by Angela Marsons @WriteAngie @bookouture @JanCramervoice

Lost Girls
Kidnapping cases are always awful but this time, it’s much, much worse. DI Kim Stone and her team are handed the case where two nine-year old girls, best friends, were abducted in broad daylight. What makes it even more insidious are the demands of their captors. The parents are pitted against each other to bid for their child. The winning bidders will get their child back; the losing couple will not. It’s a tough case where the clues are spare and tensions are in the stratosphere.

What made this story even more of a nail biter is having the points of view of the abductors. It’s made clear very early on how dangerous and sadistic at least one was and he scared me silly. His tormenting of those children was close to unbearable so of course I couldn’t stop listening until the end. The dynamics between the parents and the team were just as anxiety ridden and Kim is almost at a breaking point.

It’s an outstanding story if you can take the nerve wracking suspense and fear for those children. There are other related issues going on, as if the abduction wasn’t enough and there was a need for more excitement. The narrator, Jan Cramer, continues to deliver great performances and I’ll always listen to this series because of her. At times it seemed to be too much but there’s a wonderful payoff at the end that sneaked up on me, along with some really special and sensitive moments. This is great storytelling.

Book Info

Release Date: November 16, 2015
Series: DI Kim Stone #3
Narrator: Jan Cramer
Audio Length: 10 hours, 33 minutes
Publisher: Bookouture

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        1. We’re just getting started, this being #3 but the fourth book, counting the new prequel. You could easily catch up as this is such a binge-worthy series. And, we have each book set up as a separate discussion with ~15 questions each. Even if you start now, you’d be able to join the individual book discussions at any time. FYI, I create the discussion questions, which are in a separate group designed for this.


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