Cold Blooded by Lisa Jackson

Since her recent return to hometown New Orleans, Olivia Benchet has experienced horrible visions of young women being brutally treated. Her attempts to alert law enforcement were met with something far less than skepticism. But when her latest appeared to her more vividly in all its horror, Olivia desperately reaches out to the detective who solved the recent Rosary Killer murders. Detective Rick Bentz does listen to her but is highly skeptical…until the murder she described in intricate detail is discovered. It’s clear she’s either involved or has a true psychic connection.

This was a fascinating story because we’re given the knowledge that Olivia <i>is</i> having these visions. Figuring out why and the identity of the killer who refers to himself as The Chosen One was much more complicated. Rick was even more conflicted as his growing attraction to Olivia jeopardized his professionalism and objectivity. Considerable aspects of the story also explored his history, which was equally intriguing, especially when his daughter Kristi is inserted into the mix. Theirs is a typical father/daughter relationship with lots of added drama you’ll have to discover yourself.

I loved how the New Orleans setting was a major element of the plot, including its religious heritage, both the traditional and mysterious, along with creepy venues and unique architecture. The author did an excellent job in establishing a sense of place and making it a critical aspect of the plot without being overly so. The religious overtones are also central, adding even more complexities and anxiety to the gruesome murders. Rick and Olivia’s developing romance was very much secondary to the mystery and suspense, which really made the story work better. The climax is intensely exciting with a few surprises I hadn’t anticipated. I enjoyed this book, more than the first and am now invested in the series.

Book Info 

  • Release Date: December 30, 2014 (originally 2002)
  • Series: New Orleans #2
  • Page Numbers: 522
  • Publisher: Zebra


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