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Lover Unveiled by J. R. Ward

Meet Sahvage, one of the damned warriors of the Black Dagger Brotherhood who was supposed to be dead and buried over a century ago. But, he’s been “living” outside his coffin and shows up in Caldwell to participate in an underground bareknuckle fight, organized by the Reverend. At the same time, Mae a blooded female is trying to find the Reverend as she’s in search of The Book that she needs for unexplained reasons and shows up at the bout. She distracts Sahvage at a critical moment, setting the course for their joined journey to come.

As is typical with the world of the Brotherhood, there are other subplots involving Balthazar, Murhder & Sarah’s son Nate and Lassiter, which all collide around the formidable demon, Devina. This woman wreaks a new kind of havoc and disaster that makes the Lessers experience look like child’s play.

I’m used to the series laying the groundwork for new stories in earlier books so I was confused in the beginning, trying to figure out who Sahvage was and his backstory (don’t bother researching because this is his first appearance). We learn that through his memory flashbacks and it involves his cousin Rhavyn who is equally formidable. His life is truly tragic and Mae becomes his unwanted salvation. While I liked who I thought Mae was going to be when she first appeared, her singleminded obsession about The Book felt selfish as the story progressed and she became the weaker element of the story and romance.

It’s my understanding that Devina was introduced in the Fallen Angels series, which I haven’t read but it didn’t matter because you get her power and devious nature in this story. I liked how the subplots came together, making for exciting and explosive moments, even if the romance fell short of my expectations. The narrator, Jim Frangione, makes listening to the series my only option as he has provided distinctions for the Brotherhood world that just enhance the experience. And I love his storytelling. I’m adjusting to the change in how new characters are now introduced but enjoyed this one despite my initial confusion. After all, it’s always great returning to Caldwell.

Book Info

  • Release Date: April 20, 2021
  • Series: Black Dagger Brotherhood #19
  • Narrator: Jim Frangione
  • Audio Length: 15 hours, 41 minutes
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio



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(Thanks to Simon & Schuster Audio for my complimentary copy. All opinions are my own.)

14 thoughts on “Lover Unveiled by J. R. Ward”

        1. The earlier books definitely were but equally excellent in world building, adventure, intrigue and layered subplots. I became addicted to all of it, not just the romance, and her 700 page books (16 hour audios) were hard to put down. The last couple have been about new-to-the-series characters and it’s difficult to connect with the romance given her style. Ward has typically laid important groundwork leading up to the couple’s eventual romance. That’s now missing and it makes a difference.

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