Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, Romantic Suspense

The Night Before by Lisa Jackson

We watch as Josh Bandeaux slowly bleeds to death in his home office where at the last minute he recognizes his killer. The next morning, his estranged wife Caitlyn Montgomery Bandeaux wakes to a horrifying scene. Blood is everywhere…on the bed, the walls and in her bathroom. None of it appears to be hers and there’s no one else around, dead or alive. Unfortunately, she has strange visions of seeing Josh slumped in his office but has no memory of the night before. When Savannah Police Detectives Pierce Reed and Sylvie Morrisette examine the scene, it’s unclear as to whether it’s a suicide or murder. However, Reed’s pretty certain Josh didn’t kill himself and his wife is his prime suspect.

There’s all sorts of crazy sauce in this story and Caitlyn tops the list. It becomes clear early on that she’s got some serious issues with what’s real or not but she’s not alone. She’s a member of the wealthy Montgomery clan and they’re all kinds of nutty. Then enter Adam Hunt, a psychologist connected to Caitlyn’s former psychiatrist who has left town. He takes Caitlyn on as a client but struggles with inappropriate feelings towards her, even as he’s pursuing a private agenda. In the meantime, other people connected to the Montgomerys are turning up dead or missing.

The reader knows a demented serial killer is in the midst but not his/her identity and no one else seems to connect the dots. The first half of this too long story was incredibly difficult to power through, laden with meaningless information and descriptions of mundane stuff. If not being a group read, I probably would have abandoned the book. However, the second half was much more interesting as the mystery element had me hooked. I didn’t even come close to guessing the identity of the killer and fell prey to some clever misdirection. It saved a book that could have been told in about 100 fewer pages with a romance that was an epic fail for me.

Book Info

  • Release Date: March 1, 2003
  • Series: Savannah #1
  • Page Numbers: 464
  • Publisher: Zebra


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13 thoughts on “The Night Before by Lisa Jackson”

  1. I do like crazy sauce but I also get very frustrated with slow beginnings. I’m thinking I would probably ditch it too or do a lot of skimming until the action picked up. Insightful review!❤️

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  2. Excellent honest review Jonetta. I’ve only read a few Lisa Jackson and often think of grabbing her books but have stopped short as of late. Your thoughts above summarize why. The books I read were too long and drawn out and didn’t quite capture my attention. Hope your next book is amazing!

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  3. I was interested in the crazy sauce, but not the long drawn out and not making sense. I find her books way too long for the story she is writing. I used to read them all, but have stopped, I might go back as I have many on my bookshelf upstairs. Great review Jo.

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