Romantic Suspense

Buried Beneath by Debbie Baldwin @dbaldwinbooks

For the last four years, Camilo (Cam) Canto worked undercover for the CIA as Miguel Ramirez, an enforcer for a dangerous arm dealer. Now that he’s an operative for Bishop Security, he is still adapting to his change in identity. Unfortunately, someone from Miguel’s world isn’t done with him and spirits him back to Mallorca. Evangeline (Evan) Cole is a PhD candidate working with an archeological team in Mallorca and stumbles upon what appears to be a significant find in the caves near March Mining. Cam and Evan’s paths cross in an unusual way, which seals their destiny.

The exotic locales are one of the elements I love about this series. This story takes us to several places in Mallorca, Crimea and Serbia where I felt like I was in the setting. Cam is an interesting character and his undercover persona was scary. The duality of his identities is a major conflict for him as it wasn’t easy for him to transition back, especially when he meets Evan. Miguel had a horrible reputation when it came to relationships so Cam was sorely tested after meeting her and having to mask his feelings to protect himself and her. Meanwhile, the search for The Conductor continues, not sure if he’s real or mythical but someone who may control all the international black market shipping.

I also enjoyed Evan as a character. She’s smart, feisty and talented, a woman who knows who she is and is a bit fearless. She’s a perfect match for Cam who can’t even acknowledge that fact and it’s Miguel who is helping her in the caves. There’s lots of danger in the background as Cam doesn’t understand why he was made to come back to his undercover role or who was really pulling the strings. But it’s Cam and Evan’s relationship that was the more interesting aspect as it was complicated and endearing. I also like the dynamics of the team of people who work for Bishop Security. They’re unique characters but are bonded brothers and sisters. I’m looking forward to their individual stories that are queued up nicely in this one. Loved being back in this world.

Book Info

  • Release Date: August 24, 2021
  • Series: Bishop Security #3
  • Page Numbers: 264
  • Publisher: Gatekeeper Press


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(Thanks to the author for my complimentary copy. All opinions are my own.)

13 thoughts on “Buried Beneath by Debbie Baldwin @dbaldwinbooks”

    1. Thank you, Marialyce💜 This indie author is an active member of one of my Goodreads groups and posted a request for reviewers of her first book. We are all hooked! Her characters are super interesting and the plots imaginative. In this one, I learned a lot about handling relics from an archeological perspective. She’s very, very good.


  1. I have not heard of this author or this series, but it sounds like it would be right up my alley. Thanks for sharing it, Jo. I will have to check out Amazon. I like the sound of the characters and that adds to my enjoyment of any book.

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