Romantic Suspense

Past Purgatory by Debbie Baldwin @dbaldwinbooks

Finn McIntyre has reached his bottom. His former SEAL teammates have all but given up on him and Charlotte (Twitch) Devlin, the only woman he’s ever loved, isn’t willing to take him back…again. When Finn was captured, brutally tortured and physically scarred, he became consumed with a rage that won’t be diffused. He lost even more of his soul when he signed on as a CIA operative. After walking away from that, Finn somehow finds himself in the remote town of Purgatory, West Virginia, a place with an unusual origin and even stranger residents. Meanwhile, Detective Aiden McIntyre returns to active duty in Philadelphia, investigating the murder of a woman that doesn’t yield many clues but later connects to another inexplicable crime in Florida. And, Twitch gets upsetting news while she’s dealing with an odd sense that’s she’s being followed.

First, I’ve just got to say how much I loved this story that had me baffled for much of the beginning. It didn’t matter though as everything was so richly interesting I decided to just settle and an enjoy tagging along. Of course, in time, the connections started to become clearer, which turned up the tension and suspense as it got downright scary. There’s a lot going on and there came a point (about 40% in) where I just refused to put the book down, finishing it in a day.

I love the world of Bishop Security where the team members are more than family. Finn didn’t seem like he could be rehabilitated (his low moments were pretty epic) but what happened in Purgatory was magical and brilliantly crafted. He and Twitch seemed like polar opposites until I learned of not only their backstory but who Finn was before. This story overloaded my senses in such a wonderful way that I hated reaching the end. Reconnecting with the team and getting their updates just made it an even more special reading experience. Thank goodness there are so many other relationships yet to be explored that will keep the books coming. I loved every single thing about this one.

Book Info

  • Release Date: April 29, 2022
  • Series: Bishop Security #4
  • Page Numbers: 350
  • Publisher: Gatekeeper Press


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