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Twisted Lies by Angela Marsons @WriteAngie @JanCramervoice @bookouture

DI Kim Stone and DS Bryant are assigned to visit the family of a woman murdered a year ago to assure them that they are just as committed to help convict Trisha Morley’s husband Nick of the crime as they were with the first trial. Unfortunately, that one resulted in a hung jury and the man has launched an effective PR campaign that seems to be working. Kim & Bryant are further hampered by having to take reporter Tracy Frost along with them. After the family meeting, Tracy decides to create articles giving Trisha voice. In the meantime, the team is called to the first of several gruesome murder scenes where it’s evident that the victims were tortured using extreme methods. And, those victims are as big a mystery as the identity and motive of the killer.

Be forewarned that I’m not exaggerating when describing the murders as horrific. Just hearing what those victims went through was hard to absorb, let alone what their bodies looked like in death. These were hard cases to solve and I gave up trying to guess who was killing them, turning my focus on understanding the victims. Always in the background was Tracy Frost’s research of Trisha Morley as she discovered interesting aspects related to the case that weren’t known during the first trial. I was just as invested in that situation as the cases investigated by Kim and her team.

I am always worried that the next book in this series won’t live up to the last and now 14 books in I’m letting that worry go. This one pulled me in immediately and was relentless in keeping me hooked. There’s a twist at the end that made my jaw drop and the setup for the next book gave me pause. Of course, the narration just puts a sweet icing on this dessert as Cramer continues to deliver exceptional performances. I can’t believe I’ve only one more book before I’m caught up as these characters have become regular fare in my reading life for the past year. Obviously, I have mixed feelings about getting current because this is one of the best I’ve read and will leave a void going into the new year.

Book Info

  • Release Date: May 13, 2021
  • Series: DI Kim Stone #14
  • Narrator: Jan Cramer
  • Audio Length: 8 hours, 33 minutes
  • Publisher: Hachette UK – Bookouture



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24 thoughts on “Twisted Lies by Angela Marsons @WriteAngie @JanCramervoice @bookouture”

  1. This sounds like it could be a bit tough in areas but I’m like you – I love a jaw-dropping finish and I can get through the tough scenes if the story is compelling and the ending blows me away. Excellent review, Jo!

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      1. I have 3 audiobooks waiting. I will have to take a week and listen to them all. That will bring me to #12. Woo Hoo. I had wanted to catch up by the end of the year, so I will be closer.

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