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Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas #LisaKleypas @heroinetheplay @HarperAudio

the setup…

Lady Pandora is the quirky and spirited one of the Ravenel twins. Unlike most women her age, she has no desire to find a husband, preferring to devote her energies towards the creation of her new board game. Her plans are to sell it in Winterborne’s Department Store, which is owned by her brother-in-law Rhys. But, life deals her a different hand to play when she attempts to help out a wayward friend and gets caught up in a scandal at a ball with none other than the most eligible bachelor of the season, Gabriel St. Vincent, the eldest son of the formerly notorious Sebastian St. Vincent, Lord Kingston.

the heart of the story…

Oh, the irony that this generation wallflower would find herself connected with the son of Sebastian St. Vincent who himself ended up marrying and being tamed by a woman of the same ilk. If you’ve read the author’s <i>Wallflower</i> series, Sebastian needs no introduction. If you haven’t, you’ve missed out on something remarkable. Pandora, however, is more self possessed, irreverent and like a breath of fresh air, which, thankfully, Gabriel quickly recognizes. I liked how the tables were turned and he found himself in reversal from first wanting to avoid marriage himself to plotting ways to convince Pandora to marry him. They are fairly opposite in nature but well suited because of that. Theirs is an adventuresome and highly sensuous match, too.

the narration…

I love the narrator selected for this series who continues to provide each of the characters a distinctive voice that seems to suit their personalities. She fit Pandora nicely and I loved her interpretation of Gabriel (and Sebastian!).

the bottom line…

I enjoyed this story, quite a bit, especially because of Gabriel having a strong appreciation for Pandora’s desire for independence and his working hard to honor that, even after they marry. However, I wasn’t thrilled with how her character seemed to inexplicably change in the second half with the introduction of a curious storyline that felt off. And, the confrontation with a woman from Gabriel’s past wasn’t tied off well. But, the strength of what preceded these two situations more than compensated. It was truly a gift to see Sebastian and Evangeline (Evie) appear in this story, a reunion I didn’t see coming but put me in a happy place. Despite my issues, I had a good time with Pandora and Gabriel. And, we got an answer for Pandora’s curious problems with her balance. You’ll have to discover that for yourself.

Book Info

  • Release Date: February 21, 2017
  • Series: The Ravenels #3
  • Narrator: Mary Jane Wells
  • Audio Length: 10 hours, 5 minutes
  • Publisher: HarperAudio



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16 thoughts on “Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas #LisaKleypas @heroinetheplay @HarperAudio”

  1. Ooh, I really enjoyed Pandora and Lady Berwick’s verbal sparring in Marrying Winterbourne – does Lady B return in this? I don’t think any Ravenel hero could replace Rhys in my affections though, although the older generation, Sebastian and Evie, sound intriguing. I love a mature romance!

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    1. Yes, Lady B does return, mostly at the very beginning. Gabriel just might bump Rhys, maybe not because Rhys is still my guy. You’ve got to read Devil in Winter, Gabriel’s parents’ book. It’s the third one in the Walflowers series. Actually, I highly recommend the whole series. Enjoy, Nicola💜

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