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Cut and Run by Allison Brennan @Allison_Brennan @amleestories @MacmillanAudio

the setup…

After a turbulent storm unearths the human remains of four victims, the assistant director of the crime lab determines they were not only executed but identifies that as the missing Albright family who were believed to have fled to Mexico three years ago. FBI Agents Lucy Kincaid and Nate Dunning are assigned to investigate. But after some serious stonewalling by local law enforcement, they assume jurisdiction and begin to question some of the original assumptions about the family, especially since the body of their son wasn’t in the grave with them. Meanwhile, investigative reporter Maxine (Max) Revere is in town following up on a case at the behest of the victim’s family because the man who had confessed to the crime has suddenly recanted. Lucy’s husband Sean Kincaid was assisting her so the two are again reunited.

the heart of the story…

I was immediately pulled into Lucy and Nate’s investigation because of the open question regarding the young son, Ricky. Was he alive and, if so, where’s he been since he was 9-years old at the time? Max’s case was interesting but it was a white collar crime case that was so complicated I struggled to absorb the particulars and the relationships of all the players. I knew it was important and suspected that her case would somehow intersect with Lucy’s because it was the last thing either of them wanted (Lucy’s by the book and Max is very comfortable in gray areas). There were lots of angles involving multiple jurisdictions and law enforcement groups but that part was easy to follow because Lucy was the link. There were personal elements, too, as Lucy’s trying to host her family for Thanksgiving and it’s a challenge. Max is experiencing pulls at her heartstrings for the first time, wanting to be back home with her sister and committed partner more than continuing her research. I loved how these two women balanced it all while staying professional and doing the job.

the narration…

The narrator has become the voice of not only the series but Lucy after sixteen books so I couldn’t imagine these stories without her. She managed a really complex set of factors, keeping characters distinctive and moving the story along.

the bottom line…

Overall, I really liked the story, primarily because I was riveted by Lucy’s case and where the investigation eventually led. Maxine’s was interesting but I must admit I got lost. However, the end reveal had it all making sense and it was a compelling climax. I loved seeing Max again, too, especially now that she’s found the right partner and has created a true family. And, it’s always a good time in Lucy’s world and this was no different.

Book Info

  • Release Date: March 31, 2020
  • Series: Lucy Kincaid #16
  • Narrator: Ann Marie Lee
  • Audio Length: 13 hours, 13 minutes
  • Publisher: Macmillan Audio



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14 thoughts on “Cut and Run by Allison Brennan @Allison_Brennan @amleestories @MacmillanAudio”

  1. Now, I want to know what happened to the son. I’m always in awe of complex crimes/stories even when I have trouble following them. Sounds like another good one by Brennan. Excellent review!


  2. This sounds like another great Lucy Kinkaid story. It is nice when characters from previous books reappear. Great review, Jo. Someday, I will start at the beginning of this series.

    Liked by 1 person

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