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Blog Tour: Waiting on Forever by Claudia Connor @Claudia_Connor @jennw23

the setup…

Dallas Walker has ended his career as an undercover cop and returned home to be near his siblings, staying with his sister Hannah. He’s still haunted by memories of what he had to witness while working to take down sex traffickers. Needing privacy, he buys a house adjacent to Hannah’s farm and is intrigued by his new neighbor, Maggie Ellis, who clearly isn’t interested in getting to know him. Maggie is a loner, haunted by her own tragedy, choosing to isolate herself from the world except those who she connects with to sell her pottery and eggs produced by her chickens. But Dallas is determined to breakthrough Maggie’s concrete walls, despite her resistance.

the heart of the story…

It was interesting to contrast how Dallas and Maggie handled their trauma and grief, he reaching out to family for connection and to create new memories and she choosing isolation and disconnection. I admired how Dallas hung in there, never giving up on Maggie because she desperately needed help. Her history was heartbreaking and she was helpless to find a way out of her all consuming grief. Her pottery making and chickens gave her respite but kept her in a holding pattern. I loved how their relationship developed and Dallas’ patience as he knew she was worth the work. Seeing Maggie slowly emerge was uplifting, especially as she began letting others in, including her own family.

the bottom line…

I found Dallas to be a wonderfully developed character and one of the more interesting of the Walker brothers. He has a big heart and is rather intuitive when it comes to reading people, which was essential in reaching Maggie. Frankly, I would have given up but once I learned her story and she began to open up, she was much more interesting and extremely resourceful. They were perfectly suited for each other, both providing solace to their wounded souls. This was a lovely story that delivered some wonderful surprises. I’m a big fan of this series because its emphasis on family always warms my heart and lifts my spirit.

Book Info

  • Release Date: August 9, 2022
  • Series: McKinney/Walker Brothers #4
  • Page Numbers: 309
  • Publisher: Self


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(Thanks to the author for my complimentary copy. All opinions are my own.)

10 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Waiting on Forever by Claudia Connor @Claudia_Connor @jennw23”

  1. Wonderful review, Nicki. I read the McKinney Brothers series after your recommendation, now I need to get to this series. I really like the sound of this story and the series is available on KU.

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