A Deeper Fear by Allison Brennan @Allison_Brennan @MinotaurBooks

the setup…

It’s been a month since Sean Rogan’s horrifying experience where he was falsely accused, arrested, abducted and tortured. His wife, FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid, is hoping her law enforcement conference in Sacramento will help move him out of the dark place he seems to be in. He’ll be around family and friends and help present the new drone he’s worked on with friend Ellen Dupre. But, the night before the presentation, Ellen is attacked and left hanging on to life and Sean failed to come home. This wasn’t the getaway Lucy had hoped for.

the heart of the story…

After what Sean went through in the last story, I’d be surprised if he had bounced back in a month. But he was a shell of the man we’ve come to admire and Lucy had every right to be concerned. Maybe Ellen’s misfortune wasn’t the thing Lucy had in mind to help Sean but it provided a platform for him to get his head back in the game, with a little tough love from someone who mattered and understood. Seeing him in action gave this story a lot of heft, making it something hard to put down until it was over. It was a sophisticated mystery, one that proved to everyone just how valuable Sean is to RCK, the family security firm.

the bottom line…

I’ve dreaded the moment when I’d catch up in this series and am now here. I’ve read a book a month for almost two years and will miss these characters. Going out with Sean at his finest is a nice place to pause and I’m happy that we got a follow up after what happened in the previous book. This was a great short story and I really hope Lucy, Sean and the rest of those in their orbit will return soon. It ranks as one of my most favorite series.

Book Info

  • Release Date: January 26, 2021
  • Series: Lucy Kincaid #17.5
  • Page Numbers: 126 pages
  • Publisher: Minotaur Books


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22 thoughts on “A Deeper Fear by Allison Brennan @Allison_Brennan @MinotaurBooks”

  1. I’m always impressed with how you made such great progress with the series books you read. I’m so bad about reading one and then getting distracted for months and months before I come back to the next book. This series sounds fantastic.

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