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Devil in Disguise by Lisa Kleypas #LisaKleypas @heroinetheplay @HarperAudio

the setup…

It’s been three years since Lady Merritt Sterling was widowed when her husband Joshua was lost at sea. She took over management of his shipping company, assisted by her brother Luke Marsden. The company has thrived but now is threatened because of one very angry customer. Keir MacRae, a whisky distiller from Islay whose shipment has met with all sorts of challenges since arrival. When he’s brought to Merritt’s office, the angry Scotsman sparks something inside her she hasn’t felt for a long time. Once he’s calmed down, Keir takes note of the remarkable woman in front of him and the feeling is mutual. She’s a bit more high born for his sensibilities but that feeling is definitely not mutual.

the heart of the story…

It’s more Wallflower than Ravenel with this story, which is a really good thing! Merritt is the daughter of Lillian and Marcus Marsden, Lady and Lord Westcliff, as well as the best friend of Phoebe St. Vincent Ravenel. She’s bright, bossy and utterly delightful, which captivated Keir from the start. I loved their romance as it wasn’t bogged down by any silly angst or worry despite the very real obstacles they faced. It was also made clear early on that someone was out to harm him as two attempts were made on his life, the last one coming close to being successful. There were also questions and hints about his ancestry that kept me intrigued. But it was Merritt and Keir who kept me riveted to the story.

the narration…

I’ve enjoyed every single performance in this series but this was even more special. Her mastery of Keir’s Scottish accent just made him more authentic and appealing. And, her voice for Sebastian St. Vincent was so…him!

the bottom line…

I’ve loved this series and am sad to reach the end, even though this was a worthy conclusion. How fitting that it would feature the Wallflowers front and center, with a charming romance between two great characters. Merritt and Keir both had strong personalities and instead of butting like rams, they fit almost perfectly. Their banter was witty and fun, making this one of the best dialogues of the series. I’m glad I chose to listen to each of the stories as the narrator delivered outstanding performances for all. This was a nice mix of romance, humor, mystery and excitement.

Book Info

  • Release Date: July 27, 2021
  • Series: The Ravenels #7
  • Narrator: Mary Jane Wells
  • Audio Length: 9 hours, 7 minutes
  • Publisher: HarperAudio



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14 thoughts on “Devil in Disguise by Lisa Kleypas #LisaKleypas @heroinetheplay @HarperAudio”

  1. Nooooo, not the end of the Ravenels/Wallflower series?! I love these books! Are there any other series by this author you might be reading and reviewing?


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