Historical Romance

For Her Honor by Holly Bush

For Her Honor

Adam Gentry, the eldest of Eleanor and the late Beauregard Gentry’s sons, was taken under with his grief following the death of his fiancée Josephine. Using alcohol to salve his pain, he almost loses himself completely until his brother-in-law, Jim, helps him come to his senses. Jim’s sister Emmaline is facing her own devastating dilemma. She’s coveted her independence and was looking forward to pursuing a writing career as a confirmed spinster until she learned she was with child from a one-time encounter. Left with few options, she accepts Adam’s offer to marry her to protect her family’s honor as he believes his one chance at true love is behind him.

This turned out to be quite a different story than I had imagined. I never thought Adam would react as he did to Josephine’s death, forsaking the responsibilities of his family’s business and homestead. Nor would I have imagined Emmaline to have gotten herself in this kind of predicament. She was fiercely independent to distraction and eschewed the norms for women in that era. Adam and Emmaline’s marriage was rocky from the start, just as you’d expect of two people who didn’t know each other and had differing ideas about the institution. There were times she exasperated me but she was always true to character. I loved how their relationship slowly developed as they found ways to respect and appreciate each other.

This was a really nice ending to a wonderful series. I really appreciate a good epilogue and this one served its purpose. I’m going to miss this family but I appreciate that it has reached a natural conclusion. I’ve loved the characters and their unique stories.

Book Info

  • Release Date: January 8, 2019
  • Series: The Gentrys of Paradise #4
  • Page Numbers: 214



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(I received an advance copy from the author in exchange for an unbiased review)

22 thoughts on “For Her Honor by Holly Bush”

  1. Beautiful review Jonetta. I’m always so sad when a series comes to an end but I’d rather an author end one on a good note than carry them on for too long and readers lose interest. It sounds like this one was perfect.

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