Historical Mystery

Murder in Chelsea by Victoria Thompson

Murder in Chelsea


I’m reading this series in one of my Goodreads groups and it’s one of our favorites. It’s set in turn-of-the-century (19th) New York City featuring midwife Sarah Brandt and Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy who often find themselves investigating murders together.




The day that Sarah Brandt dreaded but knew was inevitable finally arrived. Someone had inquired about her Catherine, saying she was her nursemaid and wanted her back to return to her biological mother. But since it’s been more than a year, neither she or Detective Sergeant Malloy are willing to accept this woman’s claims at face value and give up the child they’d come to cherish. Once they began investigating, they discovered there was a lot more going on than at first blush and Catherine was at serious risk.

This story had me at the first page and never let me go. Unraveling the past and trying to figure out the reality of the present was gnarly, in an extremely good way. I kept changing the scenarios and suspects until the very end, which made the mystery so much fun and challenging. Felix and Elizabeth Decker played major roles, too, making this even more compelling. Lastly, definitely not the least, Frank and Sarah’s relationship moved to a whole new level. After two years of inertia, I certainly didn’t see that coming.

I loved this story because it tugged so strongly at my emotions as Sarah faced losing Catherine and her life was in peril. The mystery helped provide some relief as I was so immersed in figuring out the players and their true motives. The ending was just perfect and now I’m anxious to see how Frank and Sarah move forward from here. This one tops my list of the favorites in the series.

Book Info

  • Release Date: May 7, 2013
  • Series: Gaslight Mystery #15
  • Page Numbers: 306


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31 thoughts on “Murder in Chelsea by Victoria Thompson”

  1. Wonderful review, Jonetta! It feels like I was just saying “one of these days…I’ll get started with this series,” and that’s still where I am, unfortunately, but your review inspires me to inch ever close to finally picking up that adorable-looking first book! ♥️

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