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Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Princess

We pause from The Mortal Instruments and continue the prequel trilogy, as recommended by the author and many readers. This final book continues the reach back into the past of the Shadowhunters & Downworlders.




I was wondering how this final book in the trilogy was going to tie up so many loose ends left dangling after the last book but I guess I shouldn’t have been concerned as this was a whopping 16 hours+ long! If I’ve any complaint it’s that it was too long even though there was a lot going on. With that said, it all led up to a very satisfying and extraordinary ending.

I’m not a fan of love triangles, especially young adult ones, and never will be so I wasn’t looking forward to the resolution of the Tessa/Jem/Will entanglement. It pains me to say this given my attitude but this one was beautifully written and actually made me cry. It touched me in ways I never saw coming and made my commitment to the listening for hours series feel more than worthwhile. I replayed the epilogue three times.

The Lightwoods were at odds when we last saw them and there’s an extraordinary climax involving Benedict and his two sons, Gideon and Gabriel. It was epic with lasting effects on all of them.

But the main event was all about stopping Mortmain and his mechanical army, the infernal devices. As Tessa’s identity was tied to this story arc, there was much to be revealed. The scenes leading up to the final showdown were über exciting and unpredictable with no one really sacred from serious injury or death. Charlotte Branwell’s issues with the Clave Council’s Consul escalate as he seeks to undermine and dispose of her from the Institute. The political machinations are as interesting as everything else in this story. And, another new narrator who excelled at everything but Tessa’s voice as he seemed to have to stop and read to pull off an American accent. Otherwise, he was flawless.

It’s a spectacular conclusion to the series though the lead up was better than the final scene. Maybe that’s normal given the high expectations I formed. No matter as overall I enjoyed the story and the series and was extremely satisfied with the ending. Yes, it should have been shorter but I landed in a great place.

Book Info

  • Release Date: March 19, 2013
  • Series: The Infernal Devices #3
  • Narrator: Daniel Sharman
  • Audio Length: 16 hours, 19 minutes
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio


Excerpt – Prologue & Chapter 1


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19 thoughts on “Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare”

  1. I’m glad this one lived up to expectations and brought a satisfying resolution to your series. And I have no idea how you could patiently listen to 16 hours worth of story. I find it hard enough watching a ten-episode series. Yikes!

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    1. This one tried my listening patience early on. Of course, I sped up the rate to 1.25 and it still was long. But, it had lots of intermittent riveting scenes and about halfway, it was obvious that it was building to something important. The last 2 1/2 hours were the longest as the ending was protracted. I was stunned when it led to the most poignant epilogue.

      There’s a reason why I read/listen to every word an author writes and don’t skim. I always anticipate they put them there for a reason. Most of the time I’m rewarded, as I was here. Sometimes….it’s a miss.

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      1. Listening to an audio books really is an art form in and of itself and a test of endurance! 😉 But seriously, like watching any really well-scripted movies, I can imagine a well-read audio book can pay off. Just not sure I could last out for the length of this one. lol

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  2. This is one of those books (series) i keep looking at cuz of the lovely cover, and then i need to have a talk with myself that it’s not a genre i’d enjoy… but then again, you never know, eh? Maybe i should just be brave and try…

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    1. Norrie, this genre is out of my comfort zone and especially this series. No one is more surprised than me that I enjoyed it so much. FYI, the author recommends that you read the first three books of The Mortal Instruments, then this series and then return and finish up The Mortal Instruments. I struggled with the first book in TMI but eventually started to like it during the second book.

      Hope that helps!

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  3. This sounds really interesting. I’ve only gotten through the first book in The Mortal Instruments so far but am definitely interesting in continuing and in reading the prequel series.It sounds like such an emotional story.

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