Contemporary Romance

Tempting Fate by Nora Roberts

Tempting Fate
Attorney Caine MacGregor is given the task of picking up Diana Blade from the airport for her first visit with her brother Justin since she was 6-years old. He was unprepared for the cool and sophisticated woman who was the ultimate in control. Diana had the edge as she was well aware of Caine by reputation but was unprepared to find him to be so genuine. Their attraction was immediate and obvious.

I really enjoyed the start of this story when Caine & Diana first meet and she later reunites with Justin. Learning the truth about her years with her aunt revealed exactly how Diana was wired. Caine was also pretty engaging and I liked his relationships with his siblings and parents. It was the second half of the book that fizzled for me when both devolved into less than admirable behavior in their romance. She became maddeningly unreasonable, almost shrewish, and he resorted to physical means to get Diana’s attention that troubled me.

One real bright spot of the story was the inclusion of the details regarding a few of Caine and Diana’s cases. They were side elements that helped magnify both of their outlooks and linked to their own pasts that helped shape them. This story had a strong foundation but the romance eventually cooled for me. Just didn’t love it.

Book Info

  • Release Date: April 10, 2012 (originally May 1985)
  • Series: The MacGregors #2
  • Page Numbers: 288
  • Publisher: InterMix

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