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Rebellion by Nora Roberts

Serena MacGregor loathes the English, a hatred borne from the assault she witnessed in her own home ten years before by a brutal English captain. Unfortunately, her brother’s best friend Brigham Langston is an English lord who is secretly supporting Prince Charles’ attempt to restore the Stuarts to Scottish rule and is determined to win her heart. She can’t deny her own attraction to him but it’s not enough to overcome her disdain of all things English. In the meantime, plans for a rebellion are escalating and it will impact the entire MacGregor family and clan, including Brigham.

This story takes us back several generations of MacGregors to when the clan was led by Ian MacGregor in Glen Forest, Scotland, around the time of the Jacobite Rebellion. Serena is the oldest daughter but she’s as fierce as her father and oldest brother, Coll. Her budding relationship with Brigham was all spitfire and heat as the last thing she was interested in was becoming anyone’s wife let alone an English aristocrat. It was entertaining and although sometimes tiresome, it transitioned at the right moment. What really distinguished this story was the rebellion as the events leading up to the actual event provided an historical insight I found educational. I’m familiar with elements but having both the English sympathizers and Scottish points of view was enlightening.

I enjoyed the story, even though it took some time for me to get traction. I loved learning the MacGregor history and liked that the series took this step back into the past to explore the rich background of the family. The rebellion wasn’t glorified, as all the horrors of that war were illustrated rather vividly, as well as the lasting impact of it on the family.

Book Info

  • Release Date: November 18, 2014 (original July 1, 1988)
  • Series: The MacGregors #6
  • Page Numbers: 248
  • Publisher: InterMix


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15 thoughts on “Rebellion by Nora Roberts”

    1. If you’ve either read or watched the TV series Outlander, you’ll recognize this period in history. It’s the brutal defeat of the Scots attempt to oust the British king and restore the Stuarts to the throne. That’s where I first learned about it and can attest that Nora Roberts also did her research. It is fascinating.


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