Historical Mystery

Murder on Wall Street by Victoria Thompson

Eight months ago, former gangster Jack Robinson married Jocelyn Vane as part of his efforts to gain respectability in society as he transitions his businesses to legal activities. She was pregnant as the result of a rape at the time, banished by her family to Sarah Malloy’s clinic. The marriage also rescued her from scandal. Now she’s nearing the birth of her baby and their relationship has transitioned from one of friendship to much deeper feelings. When Hayden Norcross is found shot to death in his office, Jack hires private investigator Frank Malloy to find out who killed him. Hayden was the man who raped Jocelyn and Jack fears he may be accused of doing him in.

It was not only great to see what was going on in Sarah and Frank’s expanded world but to see Jack Robinson resurface. I was curious about how his marriage to Jocelyn would fare so it was satisfying that the story had them at the center. The case took unsavory turns as Jocelyn wasn’t Hayden’s only victim and he had some serious vices. Of course, there were roles for everyone in helping Frank figure out the culprit, including Sarah’s parents and their nanny/amateur investigator Maeve, who is becoming increasingly restless, wanting to be more involved in Frank’s new business.

There were also historical elements that made this an even more enjoyable reading experience. The investigation had lots of twists and angles, leading back to Chinatown and the investment banking business. Even though I guessed the killer before it was revealed, the how and why took a path I hadn’t foreseen. I love this series and was happy to be back here. This story had all of the components that keeps me coming back and now I’m interested in what the future holds for Maeve and Gino, whose relationship inched forward a bit.

Book Info

  • Release Date: April 27, 2021
  • Series: Gaslight Mystery #24
  • Page Numbers: 331
  • Publisher: Berkley


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13 thoughts on “Murder on Wall Street by Victoria Thompson”

  1. One thing I love about reading a series is looking forward to the next book! Excellent review, Jo. Glad you’re enjoying the series. 😁

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  2. I finally got this one from the library and really enjoyed it. I was happy to have the main story back to Frank and Sarah with some great time with the Deckers and some assists from Gino and Maeve. I like having some of Catherine and Bryan too. The mix was just right for me. It is disturbing how vulnerable women are in this time period though.

    Anne – Books of My Heart

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