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Dead Memories by Angela Marsons @WriteAngie @JanCramerVoice @HachetteUK @bookouture

DI Kim Stone and DS Bryant respond to a call at Chaucer House in Hollytree, a site all too familiar to Kim. When they arrive, Bryant tries to shield her from the scene, to no avail, as it is chillingly similar to the one where six-year old Kim and her younger brother were found. A young woman and man are handcuffed to a radiator, he’s already dead but she’s barely alive. Later, when they are called to a second scene that is eerily similar to the one where Kim’s foster parents were killed, it’s clear these aren’t coincidences and someone is recreating traumatic events from her past. It’s easy enough to come up with lists of those who would want to do her harm but most of those people are behind bars or would not have access to the minute details of each event.

This was a chilling story, made even more macabre as we revisit some of the most despicable characters from previous stories. I thought I’d known the worst that happened to Kim in her past but the mastermind behind these crimes revealed more, exposing her worst secrets to her team. Alison Lowe, the profiler who worked with Kim on a previous case, was brought back by DCI Woodward not to help on the case but to monitor Kim to ensure her ability to function capably. This was a massive test for the inspector who rose to the occasion.

It becomes fairly clear who’s part of this conspiracy but not the perpetrator. In addition to all this madness, Alison is privately investigating the case she was assigned to before she joined Kim’s team as she has serious doubts that they’ve caught the right person. That mystery was compelling on its own so following both made this a story impossible to put down. I also decided that it would be a waste of my energy to try and deduce the perpetrator so I sat back and just fully immersed myself in the story. The narrator was again outstanding, especially portraying Kim with strength and sensitivity in all the right moments. It’s another masterful story elevated by a fine performance.

Book Info

  • Release Date: February 22, 2019
  • Series: DI Kim Stone #10
  • Narrator: Jan Cramer
  • Audio Length: 9 hours, 29 minutes
  • Publisher: Hachette UK – Bookouture


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28 thoughts on “Dead Memories by Angela Marsons @WriteAngie @JanCramerVoice @HachetteUK @bookouture”

  1. I used to always try to figure it all out before the reveal but more and more I enjoy just sitting back and letting the story take me away. This author has been on my radar for a bit now and it sounds like I can’t go wrong with any of her books. Great review!

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  2. Fantastic review Jonetta! I think I’ve only read the first book in this series! Perhaps I need to find time to binge read/listen to this series!🤓📚🎧💖

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  3. Wonderful review Jo. I am trying to decide if I need to reactivate audible to get the next one (#8 Dying Truth) to listen to, or if I should read the next couple to catch up. This one sounds so good, Kim has so much baggage that keeps coming back to haunt her. This one sounds so good.

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  4. Glad to hear you are still enjoying the 10th book in the series. How many do you have left? And is the author still writing more books or has the series finished? Great review! I never guess the perpetrator, so have more or less given up and just enjoy the ride.

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