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Stolen Ones by Angela Marsons @WriteAngie @JanCramervoice @bookouture

It’s the 25th anniversary of the day 7-year old Melody Jones was abducted and never seen again. Wealthy businessman and philanthropist Steven Harte presents himself at the police precinct of DI Kim Stone and declares he has information related to her abduction. Hours later, 8-year old Grace Lennard is abducted from her day care and there’s evidence that she’s been taken by the same person who took Melody. Meanwhile, the evil psychologist from hell known as Dr. Alexandra (Alex) Thorne, is scheming to be recommended for release at her upcoming parole hearing. It’s all enough to provide Kim and her team many sleepless nights as they work to find Grace.

I’m always nervous when I read stories involving child abductions and nothing about this one gave me relief. Add Alex Thorne to the mix and it is a heartburn brew. Steven Harte was a perplexing issue throughout as I couldn’t decide if he was guilty or not, though he was certainly involved in some manner. I loved the procedurals in this story as Kim’s team, including profiler Alison Lowe, are top notch as usual, moving the investigation along at breakneck speed.

Without saying much more, this was a baffling case that had one stunner of a twist. The secondary plot (though it is equally weighted) involving Alex just raised my ire. Everything about it annoyed me but I’m certain that’s what the author intended. I’m now highly invested in the next release in this series. I can’t believe I’ve caught up and don’t have another book waiting in the wings for next month. I’ll be spending a precious Audible credit when it’s ready because the narrator is the voice in my head for these characters and the storytelling. She’s that good and I’ll always listen to this series because of her consistently outstanding performances.

Book Info

  • Release Date: November 11, 2021
  • Series: DI Kim Stone #15
  • Narrator: Jan Cramer
  • Audio Length: 8 hours, 58 minutes
  • Publisher: Bookouture



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13 thoughts on “Stolen Ones by Angela Marsons @WriteAngie @JanCramervoice @bookouture”

  1. Excellent review, Jo. Stories like this are near triggers for me now. I just don’t do well with child abductions. That sort of stuff can keep me up at night. Sounds like this one was done well though! Glad you liked it.

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  2. I can handle child abduction cases as long as they focus on the investigation. If a story goes to the child’s or abductors pov, that can be too much for me to handle depending on where it goes. Congratulations for getting caught up with the series. Excellent review, Jo!


  3. I agree with Tessa, if the story concentrates on the investigation and not issues the child is going through, I am fine. Congratulations on catching up Jo. I started listening to #9 Fatal Promise, today. Wonderful review.


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