Contemporary Romance

Breaking Free by Pamela Clare @Pamela_Clare

Winona Belcourt is a wildlife veterinarian and loves what she does. She’s good at it and is well respected in the Scarlet Springs, Colorado community. The only thing missing in her life is a mate but she’s almost given up finding one in the small town. But when Jason Chiago shows up with one of her friends, the attraction is immediate for both of them. Jason is a federal ICE agent, and a member of the Shadow Wolves, an all native border patrol unit in Sells, Arizona, He’s also a Tohono O’odham Native on administrative leave for thirty days pending a hearing over a recent incident. Jason and Winona fall hard for each other but he’s bound to Sells for deeply personal reasons.

Every time I return to this series, I fall in love with it all over again. It’s an intensely close community of people who honor and respect the environment and native culture and traditions. The author pays particular attention in getting not only the details right but the tone in presentation. It’s not only fascinating but educational, leaving me with a reverence for the histories of the indigenous races. Jason and Winona’s romance was even more compelling, beautiful in its honesty and passion. I loved everything about it and enjoyed immersing myself in the story.

As if everything else wasn’t interesting enough, there were elements of suspense that provided more layers to this rich story. And, characters from the author’s I-Team series, one of my favorites in the romantic suspense genre, make appearances and prominently. This was a wonderful story all around that was capped off with the best epilogue ever. It also stands alone quite well, which is hard for this diehard must-read-in-order fan.

Book Info

  • Release Date: April 28, 2021
  • Series: Colorado High Country #8
  • Page Numbers: 314
  • Publisher: Self


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10 thoughts on “Breaking Free by Pamela Clare @Pamela_Clare”

  1. I love that this book (and series?) has a Native American focus. I’m not big into straight out romance, but there are lots of elements in this story that is definitely drawing me in. Excellent review!

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    1. Thank you, Tessa💜 This book specifically is focused on a Native American couple but there are others who are featured throughout the series. The author has made the community harmony, both environmentally and culturally, the main theme of the series. The romance is steamy but it’s such a part of the theme I think you’d enjoy. Plus, there’s a suspense angle, too.

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  2. This sounds like an excellent series, Jo. I have not read enough books that deal with environmental issues and one goal of mine is to read more books about or with Native American characters. I will see if I can find the first one in this series. Wonderful review.


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