2019 Challenges

2019 Reading Challenges Summary

2019 Reading Challenges

I participated in five reading challenges, including the Goodreads Reading Challenge. I’m excited that I achieved my goals in all of them!



2019 Goodreads Reading Challenge

I had a goal of reading 150 books and actually read 156



2019 Audiobook Challenge

I participated at the Marathoner level (50+ audiobooks) and actually posted reviews here for 82




I participated at the Renaissance Reader level (10 books) and actually read 31 books in this genre




I participated at the Overdrive Junkie level (36) and actually borrowed and read 51 books from the library




I pledged to read 80 books from my TBR that were published prior to 2019 and actually read 88



I’m happy I surpassed my challenge goals but, more importantly, remember 2019 as being a year where I had lots of great reading experiences!

39 thoughts on “2019 Reading Challenges Summary”

  1. I’m in so much awe that you not only read so many books but you nailed every one of those challenges… Particularly liked the library challenge since I’m a great fan of the public library system 🙂

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  2. Well done! Those all look like awesome.challenges! I was so behind in 2019. Hoping 2020 brings me.more reading time! Good luck in your challenges this year!

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