2019 Challenges

2019 Reading Challenges Summary

2019 Reading Challenges

I participated in five reading challenges, including the Goodreads Reading Challenge. I’m excited that I achieved my goals in all of them!



2019 Goodreads Reading Challenge

I had a goal of reading 150 books and actually read 156



2019 Audiobook Challenge

I participated at the Marathoner level (50+ audiobooks) and actually posted reviews here for 82




I participated at the Renaissance Reader level (10 books) and actually read 31 books in this genre




I participated at the Overdrive Junkie level (36) and actually borrowed and read 51 books from the library




I pledged to read 80 books from my TBR that were published prior to 2019 and actually read 88



I’m happy I surpassed my challenge goals but, more importantly, remember 2019 as being a year where I had lots of great reading experiences!

39 thoughts on “2019 Reading Challenges Summary”

  1. Well done! Those all look like awesome.challenges! I was so behind in 2019. Hoping 2020 brings me.more reading time! Good luck in your challenges this year!

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