Contemporary Romance

The MacGregor Brides by Nora Roberts

Now that Daniel MacGregor’s children have found their own partners and are happily married, he sets his sights on the grandchildren they’ve give him. First up are his adult granddaughters: Laura, Gwendolyn (Gwen) and Julia. Laura is an attorney working for her parents, Diana and Caine MacGregor, at their law firm. Gwen is a brilliant surgeon doing her residency at a Boston hospital with a close relationship to her parents, Serena and Justin Blade. Lastly, there’s Julia, the daughter of the former two-term president of the United States and a renowned artist, Alan and Shelby MacGregor.

The stories for each are separate and distinct so it was like reading three novellas in one wonderful package. The cousins live together in a beautiful Boston brownstone and one by one, they unknowingly fall prey to their grandfather’s machinations. He actually did a great job as the men they eventually meet and marry are interesting in their own rights. Cameron Joyce is a security specialist who has a strong sense of self, very much needed to break through Laura’s resistance and stand up to her father. Branson Maguire is a successful writer of a detective series who was relentless in convincing an independent Gwen that there was room for a relationship alongside her career. Cameron Murdoch is a building contractor with a keen eye to the artistry of his craft that matches really well with Julia’s whose livelihood is in buying houses and redesigning them for later sale. They have to work together on what ends up being the one that she keeps for herself.

I really enjoyed these stories and this book as they were nicely woven together and flowed well. Each romance was compelling and Daniel’s interference added some fun to all of them, especially when his meddling was discovered. I wasn’t sure if I’d be interested in this next generation of MacGregors and the answer is a resounding yes. This was a fun reading experience and I’m ready for the grandsons.

Book Info

  • Release Date: April 1, 2012 (originally 1997)
  • Series: The MacGregors #7
  • Page Numbers: 289
  • Publisher: Intermix


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19 thoughts on “The MacGregor Brides by Nora Roberts”

  1. I like the way all of the characters sound and that the stories were written separately. Hope you enjoy the others. Excellent review, Jonetta! 😊

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  2. I’m trying to get to some of her back list but she is prolific. This sounds like historical rather than contemporary at first glance (the cover) but your thoughts show it is contemporary. Of course, I need to read the 6 previous books to get to this one.

    Anne – Books of My Heart

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