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Her Last Breath by Linda Castillo

The story begins with a horrific crash between a high-speed vehicle and a buggy being driven by an Amish deacon transporting his three children. What first appears as a tragic hit-and-run accident starts to look like something more. Police Chief Kate Burkholder recognizes the driver as the husband of her childhood best friend and finds herself back in the world she walked away from years ago. Things get even more complicated when some kids exploring an old mining cave discover human bones, posing a threat to Kate as it is related to a troubling event from her past.

Kate’s reentry into her old world and relationships provided an opportunity to learn even more about her as well as provide clues about what might have precipitated the crash. As the story evolved, so did perspectives based on the past. The parallel inquiry to determine the identity of the human remains and cause of his death added even more tension. I also enjoyed Kate’s recollections of events from her teen years and the people who had strong imprints on her memory and points of view. Her relationship with FBI John Tomasetti advances as he encourages her to make a deeper commitment.

I listened to the story and love this narrator’s storytelling skills and character distinctions. Her pacing is excellent and when the tension ratcheted up, I was riveted not only by what was going on but how she added to the excitement of the final scenes. The ending was both a surprise and somewhat expected as I was loathe to accept the truth. I’ve been on a long, unintentional hiatus from the series and am so happy to being resuming via a Goodreads group read. It’s great to be back in Painters Mill with characters I’ve missed and interesting stories involving the Amish community.

Book Info

  • Release Date: June 18, 2013
  • Series: Kate Burkholder #5
  • Narrator: Kathleen McInerney
  • Audio Length: 9 hours, 41 minutes
  • Publisher: Macmillan Audio



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22 thoughts on “Her Last Breath by Linda Castillo”

  1. Fantastic review Jonetta! I second what Kaceey said, we LOVE this series and I adore Kathleen McInernay, the narrator as well (she is amazing and I love learning Pennsylvania Dutch from her and Linda Castillo, LOL). So glad you finally got back to this series and that you loved this book!

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  2. Wonderful review Jo. I have missed 3 books in this series and this is one of them. I found the audiobook on Hoopla, so will add it to my list for August or September. I really enjoy this series and I agree, the audiobooks are great.

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