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After the Storm by Linda Castillo

Kate Burkholder and her live-in love, John Tomasetti, are having dinner with her sister, brother and their families for the first time in years. However, they’re interrupted when alerts are sounded for a coming tornado. When it’s over, Kate and her team are out in the community assisting with the injured and rescue. The place she heads toward is a mobile home park where she has to make a critical decision in removing a gravely injured infant from the wreckage that later becomes an issue. Also, the tornado has unearthed human remains at an abandoned barn that appears to have been there for several decades. Kate’s investigation leads to some curious findings that become life threatening.

This is the tale of two stories. I was completely hooked through about 3/4 of the book because of the procedurals around the identification of the human remains and possible motives, which we have a clue from the prologue. The storyline involving the injured infant was also heartbreaking despite her awful parents. Kate’s thrust back into an extreme sect of Amish world and that of the Mennonites. The contrast was stark, reflecting poorly on the judgmental aspects of the religion in a way I’ve not experienced to date. But it was that last portion of the book where it seemed to devolve into Kate’s repeated poor decision making in placing herself at extreme risk when it wasn’t called for and protocol demanded otherwise. And, there’s a personal development that was poorly executed as it didn’t ring true to the characters.

I was loving the story until near the end. The forensic element was fascinating as the methodology was something new and educational. I will always marvel at how much science can reveal from bones even this old. The audio version continues to be outstanding as the narrator not only does a good job with the storytelling and pacing but manages the Pennsylvania Dutch skillfully. My hope is that the author will do better by Kate going forward because I’m getting weary of her always landing in physical danger due to her own bad judgment. She’s a smartly crafted character who deserves better.

Book Info

  • Release Date: July 14, 2015
  • Series: Kate Burkholder #7
  • Narrator: Linda Castillo
  • Audio Length: 11 hours, 2 minutes
  • Publisher: Macmillan Audio


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17 thoughts on “After the Storm by Linda Castillo”

  1. Sounds like there was some eye-opening aspects to this book in the series. And characters definitely need to grow and change in ways that feel natural and organic – I totally agree with you! How many times can they really make the same kind of mistakes and not learn from it, right? Excellent review, Jo!

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  2. Great review Jo. I enjoy this series and am always in awe that Linda Castillo continues to find so many crimes in Amish Country. I also find that Kate is often in danger due to her desire to save everyone and not want to wait for support.

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