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Shattered by Allison Brennan @Allison_Brennan @MacmillanAudio #ElizaFoss

Investigative reporter Maxine (Max) Revere is asked by John Caldwell, her college ex-boyfriend, to help with his wife’s case. Blair Caldwell is accused of having killed their eight-year old son but John has discovered similar unsolved murders and believes Peter was killed by this same person. Max researches these three prior cases and sees a definite pattern. One of the murders was Justin Stanton, the seven-year old son of Andrew and Nelia Stanton and the nephew of FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid. When contacted, Andrew reluctantly agrees to meet with her only if Lucy is involved.

I’ve waited for this story since beginning the Lucy Kincaid series and the earlier connected trilogies. Though Justin was Lucy’s nephew, they were the same age at the time of his abduction and best friends. His death altered the dynamics of the family, her life and the lives her siblings. Pairing Max and Lucy was a stroke of genius as both are extraordinarily talented with two distinctly different personalities. Both share a common passion for justice and are extremely good at what they do. Max struggles to maintain control of the investigation but Lucy, in her typical manner, quietly shifts into that role by simply doing what she does best…profiling and proving the case theories.

Everything about these investigations was explosive, especially the opening of emotional wounds in the Kincaid family that threatened to fracture Lucy’s relationship with them. Watching Lucy in action was the highlight of the story as she methodically worked the case, bringing light to the who, what and why. She and Max were a great team and the ending couldn’t have been more exciting, emotional and riveting. It delivered all that I had hoped for, especially in the teaming of Max and Lucy, as well as answers to who had killed Justin. I couldn’t put this book down and am so glad I chose to listen to the story. The narrator has always done a great job in capturing Max but to also do the same for Lucy was just more than I’d anticipated. She made this story live, every moment of it. I’m so primed to now return to the Lucy Kincaid series. This one was special.

Book Info

  • Release Date: August 22, 2017
  • Series: Max Revere #4
  • Narrator: Eliza Foss
  • Audio Length: 15 hours, 32 minutes
  • Publisher: Macmillan Audio



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