Contemporary Romance, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

Bound to Fall by Pamela Clare @Pamela_Clare

the setup…

Sasha Dillon is a phenom in the professional climbing world. One of the youngest, she’s the reigning world champion, the youngest, and has been for the past five years. She lives in Scarlet Springs and is a member of the infamous Rocky Mountain Search & Rescue Team. She’s training for the upcoming world championship and is biking to one of her favorite climbing spots when an SUV passes by, spewing obscenities and later deliberately striking her, forcing Sasha over the embankment into a tree. She’s severely injured but is able to call for rescue. Denver Detective Darius Silva is asked to help investigate the hit and run. He’s a transplant from Los Angeles where he specialized in celebrity cases. Darius has to determine whether Sasha has a stalker or if this was just a random event. He’s not crazy about the assignment as his experience with celebrities doesn’t bring back fond memories.

the heart of the story…

Though Sasha is injured badly enough for her to miss the championship, she will recover and be able to climb again. While she’s recovering, the community rallies behind her, taking turns in providing all the care and nurturing she needs. Darius is a bit jaded when he comes to the small town that quickly embraces him, surprised that Scarlet Springs isn’t at all like the stereotypical image he’d prepared for. It’s clear from their first meeting that there’s something different and special happening between Darius and Sasha but he’s resistant because anything else would be unprofessional. He also has a dark past that he left behind years ago and it’s clearly shaped him. But Sasha’s different, a woman with a big heart and kind nature who breaks through Darius’ shields. Meanwhile, he’s also making serious headway with the investigation, getting closer to uncovering the truth.

the bottom line…

Sasha has been part of this series almost from the beginning and I’ve looked forward to seeing her as happy as what she’s brought to the community and the Team. She’s a fan favorite in the climbing community not only because of her skills but her giving spirit. While I loved her developing relationship with Darius and seeing him finally open up and accept the Scarlet Springs community, I was most intrigued by the investigation. I had early suspicions about that accident and my instincts were on target, though it was more than I’d fleshed out. I love this series because of the strong sense of community and service embodied by the residents. It resonated even more in this story as the town not only rallied around Sasha but thawed Darius’s damaged heart, giving him back what was taken from him as a teen. Maybe the ending was a little predictable but it was one I really wanted and loved. Don’t let this cover fool you, either as this story is so much more than a typical romance.

Book Info

  • Release Date: February 22, 2022
  • Series: Colorado High Country #10
  • Page Numbers: 306
  • Publisher: Self


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